Abrasive Wheels Course

Aim the of course

Abrasive wheels are one of the most dangerous devices within the workplace and ensuring their use is done safely is imperative. Due to unsafe working practices and operator errors, over half of all accidents come from using abrasive wheels incorrectly.

Risks of working with abrasive wheels include wheel breakage, entanglement with a running wheel, physical injury from the component being ground and noise and dust inhalation. Delegates must be aware of these risks and how to avoid them safely.

It is paramount for a delegate that works with abrasive wheels to follow strict health and safety practices to ensure they keep themselves protected. Statistics suggest that the majority of accidents that occur from poor use of abrasive wheels are serious injuries, therefore, it is important that delegates take this course to ensure there are no injuries when working within this environment.

Course content

By the end of the course, the delegates will have a complete understanding of all safety practices surrounding working with abrasive wheels. The course will cover the following:

  • Understanding the legal requirements and the delegate’s responsibility of the safe use of abrasive wheels
  • Identifying the potential hazards and their foreseeable risks
  • Being ale to select the appropriate machinery and PPE required for the work being undertaken
  • Being able to conduct a practical exercise using safety equipment in a safe and efficient manner

Who should take this course

Whether you are someone who works with abrasive wheels or have the responsibility of those who work with them, this course will ensure the safety of the workforce is kept to a high standard. This course is suitable for workers who use equipment such as bench grinders, pedestal grinders and angle grinders.


To undertake this course, there is no preparation needed and all successful delegates will receive a TTS Certificate which is valid for three years.

To book onto this course, please either book below online or contact us on:

Tel: 01642 680497;

Email: trainingadmin@tersusgroup.co.uk