Workplace Health & Safety Courses

It is essential for Employers and Employees alike to abide by the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992 which covers a wide range of basic health, safety and welfare issues and apply to most workplaces*. 

Employers ought to understand the regulatory requirements on basic overlooked issues such as ventilation, temperature, lighting, cleanliness, room dimensions, workstations and seating, floor conditions, falls or falling objects, transparent and translucent doors, gates and walls, windows, skylights and ventilators, traffic routes, escalators, sanitary conveniences and washing facilities; to create a better work environment and also increase the overall productivity.

Tersus Training Services offers a wide range of accredited and non-accredited related safety courses to help you and your workforce understand the hazards that exist in the workplace environment.

*These regulations exempt those activities involving construction work on construction sites, those in/on a ship, or those below ground at a mine for whom additional environment-specific regulations exist.

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