IPAF Mobile Vertical ( 3a )

This IPAF operator course is for users of ‘Mobile Vertical’ machines. (Scissor Lifts) only.The aim of the course, delivered in conjunction with an approved IPAF training provider, is to equip a delegate to prepare and safely operate various types of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) and to obtain an IPAF MEWP Operators Licence.

By the end of the course the delegate will learn:

  • How to carry out pre checks and daily maintenance prior to commencing work.
  • How to correct and safe method of operating the actual specific machine.
  • How to select and use fall protection equipment covering as a minimum.
  • Anchorage points in platforms, harness standards, explanation of fall arrest, lanyard types, use and correct fitting & the current recommendations by HSE and IPAF.
  • Relevant health and safety regulations.
  • Prevention and Control of accident situations
  • To drive the MEWP safely and carry out the required task in a correct and proper manner, inside and outside a building


1 day


We offer this course in the following locations:

  • Blackburn
  • London East
  • Manchester
  • Aberdeen
  • London West
  • Leeds
  • Bristol
  • Nottingham
  • Kent
  • Birmingham
  • Southampton


MEWPs can be physically demanding, users should be physically fit and in good health. They should not have problems with eyesight or hearing, heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, fear of heights/vertigo, giddiness/difficulty with balance, impaired limb function, alcohol or drug dependence or psychiatric illness.

Any on with such problems should address them to their employer.

Course Content

The course will cover:

  • MEWP Categories
  • Structural Parts
  • Regulations
  • Pre-Use Inspections
  • Safe Handover Procedures
  • Identifying Hazards in the workplace environment.
  • Safe Operating Methods


Successful delegates receive a Powered Access License (PAL) for category (3a) that expires after 5 years.

Over the 5 years, delegates are required to have logged in at least 60 entries.


To book a place on this course please contact us on 01642 680497 or fill in the below form. Tell us which location you would like from the list above and we can organise a date that will suit your needs.