Wet Stock Control Awareness

Aim of this course

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of Wet Stock Control and the actions to be taken if a fuel loss is suspected. Third-party monitoring systems have been immensely useful to site operators in

assisting them with the control and management their site’s Wet Stock. However, a lack of basic knowledge and understanding of ‘Wet Stock Control’ increasingly results in the failure of staff to interpret the data being provided by third-party monitoring services and recognise that fuel loss is occurring.

To provide participants with an understanding of basic Wet Stock control and give them the tools to process daily wet stock reconciliations and take the appropriate action in the event of a suspected loss.


1 Day


Locations nationwide and/or client specific (including international).

Course Content

  • Legal requirements including conditions of license
  • Equipment failures and impact
  • Completing a wet stock record
  • How to complete manual records
  • Example incidents
  • Understanding trends and profiles
  • Understanding the character of spirit
  • Identifying losses real and apparent
  • Problem solving exercises
  • Reporting and due diligence
  • What to do in an emergency

Who should take this course?

Site Operators and/or site staff that complete daily records and need an understanding of problems that occur and their legal duties with regards to reporting.

To arrange your course please call us on 01642 680497 or email trainingadmin@tersusgroup.co.uk