Legionella Awareness

Aim of the course

The Legionella Awareness course is designed to provide the delegates with an overview of both the current regulatory framework and those steps required to achieve compliance with the law.

Course Content

  • Introduction.
  • Knowledge of the origins of Legionnaires’ disease, legionella bacteria and the multiplication factors which allow it to proliferate in engineered water systems.
  • Identification of the main conditions that are required for legionella associated infection to take place and how this understanding may be used to manage and control risk more effectively.
  • Awareness of current legal requirements
  • Basic design of water systems and their components.
  • An overview of “other” risk systems.
  • Implementation of legionella control regimes with suitable monitoring programmes and records as identified in the Health & Safety Executives technical guidance documents HSG274 Parts 2 and 3 dealing with the control of legionella bacteria in both "hot and cold-water systems" and "other risk systems".
  • The written scheme of control.
  • General awareness of the risk assessment processes as defined in BS 8580:2010 for hot and cold-water systems.
  • Examination – assessment and test of competence
  • Discussion and Feedback

Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at candidates who require an introduction to Legionnaires' disease and matters concerning the control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold-water services and other risk systems. Typical candidates will be landlords and business owners, health and safety managers, property and facilities managers, maintenance and engineering contractors.


Upon successful completion, all delegates will receive a TTS Legionella Awareness Certificate.