BOHS P903 Management and Control of Evaporative Cooling and Other High Risk Industrial Water Systems

Aim of this course

The BOHS accredited P903 course is designed to provide the delegates with a background and an overview of the risk of legionella infection and how it can be controlled in Evaporative Cooling and other high risk industrial type systems.

Target audience

  • Process and cooling water system technicians and operatives.
  • Responsible persons for industrial type water systems (e.g. building and facilities managers, duty holders, maintenance staff).
  • Legionella risk assessors and consultants.
  • Occupational hygienists and health and safety managers.

Pre-course requirements?

Before taking P903, candidates must:

  • Have successfully completed P901 – Legionella - Management and Control of Building Hot and Cold Water Services.
  • Have some experience of working with industrial or evaporative cooling systems.
  • Have a working knowledge of HSE guidance documents L8 and HSG274 (Pts 1-3)

Course Content

  • Legislation and Guidance
  • Cooling Tower Design and Operation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Water Treatment
  • Operational Control
  • Other Risk Systems
  • Record Keeping

Course duration

1 day.

Course assessment

Candidates must pass a BOHS Written Theory examination. Successful candidates will be awarded a BOHS P903 certificate