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Tersus Training Services are proud to say that they have been shortlisted as a finalist for the APEA Health & Safety Performance Award, for our PFS Site Auditing and Mentoring Program that we have developed for Artelia/Shell.

The benefits gained by independent scrutiny of health and safety performance have long been recognised. Artelia’s PMC responsibilities to Shell in the UK include the upholding of the highest standards of Health and Safety on project sites and, in addition to the auditing carried out by the internal Safety team, a program of external auditing had been carried out independently.

As with many internal or independent audit programs the auditing body simply focus on a compliance check list giving a 2-dimensional snap-shot of health and safety performance. The opportunity we recognised was to move auditing away from the ‘stick wielding’ perception of Health and Safety visits, looking to find fault and non-compliance, to not only engage with influential site staff to embrace and champion Health and Safety performance in their own work and that of those around them but to provide an insight into staff’s attitude towards Health and Safety.

We developed, in consultation with Artelia, an audit scheme that supports and promotes the key Shell Life Saving rules. A flexible document was created that could be tailored by the auditor to be applied appropriately to reflect the specific tasks and activities that were being undertaken on the day of the audit visit. The way that the audit is carried out engages the project and site management staff to ensure their compliance with Health and Safety regulations and industry best practice.

Whilst the audit may identify hazardous situations that could warrant an immediate intervention, incidences of non-compliance are treated as opportunities to learn and attain higher standards of health and safety. Our audit team use site visits to engage with all the personnel involved in activities on site and support managers and supervisors in their responsibilities for driving positive safety attitudes and behaviours.

One example of the positive feedback that we received from Artelia, on behalf of T1 client (Shell):

Following one specific visit, at which our auditor identified a hazardous situation and intervened to stop all works until the appropriate remedial action was undertaken, we received the positive appreciation of our approach to Health and Safety and the part we play in Artelia’s support of Shell’s prioritisation of Safety: “Paul’s action could very well have prevented a serious incident occurring and this is exactly what I wanted our relationship to achieve. Thank you.”

The winner of this category will be announced at the annual APEA awards on the 22 November.

Find out more about our Site-auditing program here 


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